so, on thursday night, yoshi got home earlier than usual. this makes it easier to get the kids bathed and put to bed. usually, when i'm on my own, this is something of a marathon where i try to get people clean (and i usually lose out on this) and not drowned. then pajama'd. and those with teeth getting brushed. when yoshi is around, i can usually get out early with sasha, get her dressed for bed and then put her down (which means i lie down, too, and more often than not, just stay down.) yoshi gets hiro finished, teeth brushed and pajamas on in the right direction. then hiro says, 'night night' and comes to bed (he doesn't allow yoshi to put him to bed, or even enter the room.) hiro lies down next to me and i tuck him in.

on thursday night, though, i put sasha to bed as usual and lay down next to her. when hiro came to bed he started pulling my hair. i got up and snapped, 'don't pull mommy's hair!' and that's when i noticed he was sitting there and i had fallen asleep before he came to bed. poor little guy.

then, on friday, yoshi had made rice for his bento so hiro and i had the leftovers for breakfast and lunch. hiro didn't finish all of his rice at lunch, but about an hour later he ate the rest. then he said to me, 'more rice?'

'sorry sweetie, but there isn't any more rice,' i replied.


'oh, i'm so sorry, but we ate all the rice. no more rice.'

'ask daddy?' he pleaded.

oh, poor little guy. and he knows the drill: if mommy can't do it, ask daddy.