i lost my camera over the weekend. that really upset me, mostly because i love to take pictures (if you hadn't noticed). i also had a good amount of pictures on the memory card in my camera, i am sad to lose them. most of them i had downloaded, but the pictures i took just before losing the camera are gone forever. ah well, most of them were more boring aquarium photos.

it's finally hot here. pleasantly warm for me. pretty soon we'll have to break out the fans. and i don't know if we'll be using the air conditioner at night. we still need to get one for the upstairs bedroom, but since we don't have a bed, or any clean floor space to sleep on, i guess it's not very important at the moment.

sasha is crawling all over the place now. she used to do an inch-worm kind of movement, and then army crawling. now she's almost got the mechanics down, though she still manages to fall forward onto her face. today she is also drooling a LOT so some teeth may be in her near future.

hiro talks a lot now, mainly in english. sometimes he just babbles along and i swear he's just doing it to make noise, not communicate. sometimes. he also seems to mix english and japanese (mainly with 'ne' at the end of sentences) which indicates to me that he doesn't quite understand that they're two different languages yet. of course, he rarely gets any japanese most days so it's not surprising.

i just started feeling movement last night. and so it begins. actually, i don't mind feeling a baby moving, it's actually hiccups that drive me crazy. as my mother calls it, chinese water torture! but i'm sure i have several more weeks before i begin to feel those.

anything new in your part of the world?