sasha said her first word on tuesday. it was actually a nice morning, so we didn't have to take yoshi to work. hiro and sasha are used to taking him to work, so when yoshi went out to the front door, they followed him, crying and (hiro) saying, 'car!' i went to the front door, too, and said, 'bye bye daddy.' hiro and sasha cried. yoshi said goodbye, and then went out. hiro said 'ah!', opened the door and said, 'bye-bye daddy.' then he came in and the door closed. then sasha said, 'bah bah.' she said bye-bye! it was so cute! she says bye-bye all the time now, it's her new thing and we make a big deal out of it. happy first words.

she also tried to stand on her own twice yesterday. only for a split second, but i think she's on her way! she has an older brother to keep up with you know.

as for hiro, not a lot to add. he's pretty much the same, though he is talking in sentences more. it's just that no one can understand him most of the time, including me. does that make me a bad mommy??

i don't know if rainy season is over or not. tuesday wednesday and thursday were all lovely. today is muggy and cloudy, with a high chance of rain. i really don't enjoy the high humidity much.