we survived the first typhoon to come to kyushu since we moved into our new house. actually, it kind of glanced off fukuoka, since it actually hit kagoshima (far far south of here). and although it had hit category five status for a short while, and was a four on its way here, it was only a two by the time it got to us. but since it's so windy here anyway, we really felt the wind. it was also really slow, taking its sweet time to get here (which wasn't so bad) and seeming to take all day to move on (a bit more rough since the 'back side' of a typhoon is stronger). but, nothing blew away and nothing hit our house, so we are pleased.

some areas of kyushu suffered some damage because it has been quite rainy so far, so the extra wind and rain from the typhoon didn't help. no one died (as far as i know) which is always a good thing. i hope we don't get another typhoon for a long time.