i had a pretty shitty weekend feeling like the worst person there is. the only good thing (from my point of view) is that medea has come back to japan, so now i have someone to pester on the phone frequently. god knows why i turn into a sulky teenager where yoshi's parents are concerned, but there you go. i feel like a jerk and i'm mad at my husband. pregnancy hormones? i tend not to blame them, but i didn't want my in-laws to stay the night because of my pregnancy. and what is it about the whole spending the night with your parents thing here in japan? why can't one just have day visits (unless, of course, said family lives far apart. like, a six hour drive or airplane flight apart.)? ugh.

yesterday, after being made feel guilty about not wanting yoshi's parents to spend the night in our house (they stayed in a hotel. why didn't they freaking go home? *will not get into this*), i agreed to meet them and go to the beach, then costco. i guess yoshi thinks that because costco is my home away from home, that i will do anything, including putting up with his parents, for the chance to go to costco. whatever.

the beach was fun, in spite of my MIL trying to take pictures of hiro when all he wanted to do was play in the surf. sasha slept the whole time (bonus) and i tried not to get sunburned. yoshi played in the water with hiro, which was a bit chilly. it was also very windy yesterday. like, whipping the sand into a fury windy. i pretty much felt like opting out after 30 minutes. and it wasn't like yoshi's parents were prepared for a beach outing. so, we cleaned hiro off and changed clothes (well, hiro and yoshi did) and then headed for costco.

we had lunch at the food court in the mall. i wanted bibimba (or however you spell that...) but yoshi and his parents ended up having the same thing (curry rice. gross me out!!!) and yoshi was like, see, we are such a family. *rolls eyes* seriously, anyone else think he should have married his parents?

ok, maybe that's not fair, but i am still a bit angry at him for forcing me to...to...i dunno, let his parents stay the night in our house when we don't have the resources (that is, bedding) for guests, i'm eight months pregnant (japanese reckoning) and it's fucking hot! plus, i spend 24 hours a day with two small children and yoshi spent the weekend in his hometown for a school reunion and i JUST DIDN'T WANT TO SEE HIS FLIPPIN' PARENTS. we saw them two weeks ago. and two weeks before that. but because i barely spoke to them and mainly spent time on the futons resting, i am a bad person. maybe i am. but they are not my parents, i don't ever see them as substitutes. anyway.

costco was crowded, the holidays meant that lots of people had the day off. i had seen that they had put out christmas merchandise last friday. that was the first day, in fact, because nothing had prices. yesterday there was more, including a christmas tree that i badly want, but yoshi was not in the frame of mind of buying one. yes, yes, we need to organize our house, but i want a christmas tree this year, and those beautiful babies sell out. they have for the past three years, i want that tree! *sigh*

we sent yoshi's parents on their way home, and then yoshi remembered that i wanted to do something that day. i wanted to check out car seats at toys r us, since we'll be needing two new ones this year. we ended up actually buying a seat at jusco--for the new baby. it was on sale and is supposed to be useful for a newborn up to seven years old. does that make sense? anyway, that is out of the way, now all we have to do is wait for sasha to reach a reasonable weight and we'll get a new one for her, too. yoshi wanted to go to a furniture store that was having a summer clearance sale, but aeon was having a pirate festival for kids (i don't know, but that's what it looked like). hiro saw the ball pool and that was it. *sigh* he loved it, it was hard to tell him it was actually a game that you had to pay for and he couldn't play there for as long as he liked. there was also a bouncing castle type thing that he was hesitant to try at first, but then i had to actually try to get in there and drag him out. by the time we got a few things at the grocery part of jusco and headed home, it was too late to add in a trip to the furniture store.

today hiro keeps telling me about yesterday, about how he had to rinse his mouth out when he got sea water in it (complete with fake spitting), how the water got in his eye, and how the water splashed on his chest. he really loved going to the sea, i wish i could take him often.