um...12 centimeters isn't really that big a difference. is it? only about four inches, right? which means about 2 inches on each side. so...a standard (japanese) queen sized fitted sheet should still fit fine on my new mattress. right? *sigh* another joy of living in a foreign country. maybe i will have a look at aeon (jusco) and see what they have for single fitted sheets (queen size). i'm still going to wait until after the bed arrives.

we also bought a dresser for the kids. we have far too many clothes but no where to put them. have i complained about the closets yet? in the rooms with lofts, there are small closets with rails in them. you know, for hanging clothes. the larger room (which has no loft) has a bigger closet--but no rail. *sigh* i got some spring-rod type rails for this closet, but they don't bear a lot of weight. first mine fell, then yoshi's. mine got put up again, but yoshi's did not. he has been wearing the same clothes to work for forever. he thinks he has no clothes but that's not the truth. he just can't see his clothes (and, i guess he thinks that his clothes don't get very dirty so he doesn't need to put them in the laundry) so we don't know what he has. i really really really want to get the clothes organized so then i can get him a couple more things that he needs (probably a couple of shirts and a pair of pants. *sigh*) but...i've been so tired and lazy with pregnancy that my husband just wears the same thing day after day. at least he changes his underwear!