oh my goodness, it rained like hell today! worse than a typhoon! it was pretty windy, too. thank goodness i got home before it started to rain (we went to aeon this morning). it poured and poured. we even lost power for about ten minutes. it rained so hard that my genkan got soaked (oops) and the upstairs bathroom got soaked (oops) and the washing machine got soaked (oops). we gotta remember to close the little windows. the window in the bath was also open, but who cares if the bath gets wet?? we have a little flood and the neighbor house behind has a lake. oh, and good thing i closed the windows to the car, it got pretty wet there, too. now it is nice and cool, and not even very humid. sasha is taking a nap so i'm taking advantage and have all the windows downstairs open. i made banana cakes this afternoon (thankfully the power was out for such a short time!) and now i'm about to make champuru and honey BBQ wings. ah.