on saturday (september 1), medea and her boys came to visit us. they came late in the afternoon, and we met them at costco. after some shopping, we all went to hard rock cafe at hawkstown. the food was great but the music was LOUD!! too loud, i don't remember it being so loud during lunch.

jenn and sasha

all of us HRC

medea and family stayed the night, and then we enjoyed time together at the house. we decided to have a BBQ even though the weather was less than ideal. i let the guys cook, because i was pretty tired, though i did make some coleslaw. i didn't take any pictures, but i don't think they would have been that interesting (just us eating!)

i had baked a birthday cake (that looked like the leaning tower of pisa, *sigh*) and two cupcakes for hiro and sasha, but our husbands ate the cupcakes while medea and i were out in the morning. grrrrr....men! so, only medea and i enjoyed a slice of cake with the ice cream i had made, so sadly, no pictures of sasha's first cake.

my mom's friend made a crocheted dress for sasha, and part of sunday morning we tried to take her picture, but she refused to co-operate. here are some of the out-takes:

under the table

(flirting with medea's husband. starting early, sasha!)

won't sit still!

fall back

in addition to eating sasha's birthday cupcake, our husbands didn't keep a very good eye on medea's baby-man and he got into the pain au chocolat. my silly husband actually took photographic proof of their...neglectfulness...

julian close-up

well, that pretty much sums up sasha's birthday weekend. my next post should be about her hospital visit!