how does it look to you? what browser do you use to view it?

when i started my blog, i used IE (internet explorer). everything was fine, it looked great, i loved it. then, a few months ago we were having a lot of problems with spam, spyware and maybe even viruses. so, i started using firefox/mozilla. it's a nice browser, but for some reason, my blog doesn't quite fit its template any more. i like using medium sized photos from flickr (i've never had a problem using blogger to host my photos except i can't always place them where i want to. also, one can click over to my flickr page--unless the photo is private--to have a closer look) but for some reason, my right hand panel doesn't fit right. that is, the picture is 'under' it. that never happened in IE. and it doesn't matter if i blog in IE or firefox. am i the only one who sees it like this? what am i doing 'wrong'? do i need to edit my template? *quakes in fear* it's just a basic template from blogger, but i like it. i suppose i could always ask (pay) someone to make me a new template, but i have no money (free is good!). also, if i change templates, i'm going to have to go through the archives and find those pictures that didn't make it (that is, photos hosted by photobucket) and redo them. such a pain. this is an old blogger blog, so i can actually edit the html a bit. ha, not that i really know what i'm doing, but....also, i am now using a MacBook, so viruses and stuff aren't really a problem any more, but i still use firefox.

anyway, if you would be so kind as to leave a comment and tell me how the blog looks. and if the links/archives on the right are in the pictures, does that bother you? it doesn't bother me so much, but i don't think it looks all that great, either. and, if you have any advice on how to fix it, please let me know!