i don't mind sleeping on a futon, i've done so nearly the entire eight years i've been in japan. but when i get the chance to sleep in a bed...ah, bliss. so, i have been sleeping in our new bed (i got a mattress pad and sheet set from costco by the way. the mattress pad is a bit too small, but stretches, and the sheet fits perfectly.) it has been very nice.

but, we also sleep with our kids. we have done so since hiro was born (yes, even in the clinic. he hated that plastic baby bed.) for one thing, we didn't really have the space for separate bedrooms, and nursing at night is so much easier if the baby is right there next to you (but i never was an all night bar mother; i cannot nurse my babies unless i'm sitting up. terribly huge breasts you know...) i do enjoy co-sleeping, but not in the bed. like most mothers, i sleep lightly with the babies in the bed, and in our 'real' bed, i worry that one of them will roll out. actually, hiro has rolled out a couple of times, but he's getting better.

co-sleeping has often meant that yoshi and i don't sleep together. mainly that's because of his morning alarms and his inability to hear them. or turn them off. or get his butt out of bed. so, if he sleeps in another room, i (and the children) get the sleep that's usually desperately needed. this may seem strange to some, but sleeping in seperate beds works for us (and hey, we have three kids! ;) with pregnancy, i usually sleep in another bed and yoshi sleeps with the kid(s). this is nice, too. esp. when they are weaned. although....yoshi doesn't always wake up when a kid cries at night so i usually have to find my way to the futon and put that one back to sleep. and sometimes, i miss my children when i'm sleeping in another room. but having the bed has been very nice.