because i'm pissed that my husband was up at 5 am cleaning. yes, i am one of those ungrateful bitches who complain when my husband cleans. i am looking forward to the, 'well, at least your husband cleans. i'm lucky (fill in the blank).' comments i always get when i dare speak out about my husband doing something around the house.

it's not the cleaning (though it is...but at ten months pregnant, i'll take help where i can get it. i am that anal that i'll be 'fixing' it later on, but for now, the floors are cleared and the genkan is swept. he really didn't need to clean the toilet because i do that (almost) every day, but i guess it's the thought that counts...), though when he cleans there's this unspoken thing where i'm supposed to feel guilty that he's cleaning. gah! and it irritates me to no end when he cleans something, but not my way, or he puts something away and then i can't fucking find it later on, but hey, as i said, right now, i'm not picky.

so why am i complaining?? FIVE FUCKING AM!!!! what is up with that?? now, i acknowledge that he didn't know that i was up at 4:30 to pee and was trying to go back to sleep, but even if he didn't vacuum (his bewildered response when i told him he was noisy this morning), the scrubbing and the flushing and the sweeping and the sneezing (he doesn't even try to keep it from being as fucking noisy as possible, even with sleeping children in the house!!), i couldn't sleep. i finally, finally got the strength to lean over and shut the door when not five minutes later, he comes in and dumps sasha on the bed!! he woke her up at five thirty in the morning! death to yoshi!!

after (yoshi) not shutting the door properly and going downstairs to make more noise (oh yeah, i mean 'clean'), i finally grabbed up sasha and took her downstairs. to keep her occupied, i gave her a bottle. *sigh* but she was well and truly up, and when she was playing on the rocking horse, she got her leg stuck and started to cry. and that woke hiro up at ten past six. life is going to be hell here in this house this morning, with two cranky children who got up far too early this morning....