so, how did you find me? hee hee. let's have a giggle.

actually, a lot of people visit my blog from 'unknown'. i assume that's because it's a bookmark. and i get a lot of people from other blogs, namely medea's blog. that's cool. but once in a while there's a search. i think more often than not i get searched for 'illahee'. probably by someone who knows my blog but hasn't bookmarked it yet. and then there's the fun stuff. like 'dialated', 'baby turn over' and 'japan chikan blog'. the last one makes me laugh because i never wrote a post about chikans. i've never even mentioned chikan in a blog post before (to my mom: chikan basically means 'pervert' and usually refers to those icky guys on trains who stick their hands up female passengers' skirts...), but the lovely dongurigal once mentioned in my comments about a chikan post she didn't write. LOL now that i've written chikan so many times in this post, i'm sure to get many perverted hits for a long time to come.

p.s. still waiting for baby