with all my complaining about yoshi lately, i thought i should write something nice. something he did that was nice. on saturday i had another prenatal appointment. when we got to the clinic, i really really really had to pee, so i jumped out of the car and headed in, and left yoshi to deal with the kids. they came in while i was still in the restroom, and i could hear them. even though there were several people waiting in the lounge, yoshi only spoke to the kids in english. i never noticed that before: in public, yoshi often talks to the kids in english. i don't think yoshi notices it, either. oh, when we're talking with neighbors, or even occasionally in the house, he uses japanese, but it makes me happy that he uses english more.

the appointment was VERY disappointing because there is no progress on the baby front. none. i am tired of all the contractions, pressure and discomfort with nothing to show for it. *sigh*