i downloaded a football game and am now playing it. it's kind of nice to have it playing as background noise. reminds me of home. i like football, though i don't have a favorite team. it's also really getting cold here, though i can still go around without a sweatshirt. i worry more about the kids, especially hiro, since he doesn't seem to have any extra fat at all. not that that's a bad thing, exactly, but he's so skinny so i need to make sure he's wearing a sweater or coat or something.

sasha is walking now. we went from a few tentative steps when my mom arrived to trying to run just before mom left. she crawls faster, and occasionally does so, but in general, she walks everywhere. except when we go out. i don't have any proper shoes for her yet. poor thing. i guess i should pull out some of hiro's old shoes.