ok, so i got my pie baked yesterday. it looks great! smelled good, too. this morning i dried my bread and cooked the giblets, i'm on a roll. wednesday i did a lot of cleaning, but that night yoshi told me his dad had to work and that they couldn't come until saturday. so, i didn't do very much cleaning yesterday. then yoshi told me last night that his parents are coming on friday (today) so now i have a lot to do.

actually, yoshi stayed up until 2 am cleaning last night, and i am not going to complain. just wait until i can't find anything, though. haha. this morning yoshi went off to hike up a mountain with the neighborhood, and i made him take hiro. they will be gone until 1:30. yoshi thinks his parents will get here around 1. i guess i better get my butt upstairs and vacuum!

anyway, happy thanksgiving and holiday weekend!