tomo was up every two hours or so last night. hungry. so, i didn't sleep much. he also still has trouble sleeping on his back (he caught that cold hiro and sasha had, though he doesn't seem to have caught the fever. knock on wood.) i did have him on a pillow, but at a certain point in the night, he only wants to be held by me. so, i move to the couch. at one point, though, i wanted to turn over, so i put tomo in the bouncer and i slept on the floor huddled in blankets. i really feel like i didn't get any sleep last night. but i didn't sleep today, either. i am so sleepy. and tomo has been nursing almost non-stop. i think i can expect the same tonight. and tomorrow. ah growth spurt, when do you end?

i will make every effort to post my interview tomorrow.