one morning we woke up and tommy had chubby cheeks. wha-? hey, how did three months nearly go by? he doesn't even fit in his 0-3 months clothes any more. hiro and sasha seemed to slow down right around two months, so they didn't grow out of those clothes until they were already three months old. make him slow down, don't grow up so fast!

this morning he started the day with another puke. he managed to get it on my panties, panties that i had only been wearing for five minutes. little stinker. i wanted to take a shower with him, but yoshi said, nah...and since i was already wet and naked, waiting for yoshi to give him to me, i was the only one who cleaned up. thankfully tommy only really got his pajamas puked on, so all i had to do was change his clothes. but what is up with the puking in the morning? that has to stop.