did it snow in your neck of japan? it didn't here. but it's plenty cold. i am all toasty warm in my flannel pajama top, fleece pajama pants and with my hair down. no socks, though. if i sleep in socks, i get too hot, then i sweat like crazy and then i can't sleep! tommy still sleeps on me these days, though not on my chest. good thing, as he nearly weighs seven kilos! he sleeps on my arm with his head on my shoulder. no matter how deeply he is sleeping, he will wake and start to cry if i take him off! hard times going to the toilet at night. i guess that sometimes he just sleeps on my hand, but even then, if i just slip it right out, he wakes up! argh! but i have to admit, i love sleeping with him. if only i could nurse while lying down.

as long as i'm talking about babies, sasha is a little talker! she has started babbling, saying things in almost a sing-song way without making any sense at all! hew new word is 'oatmeal' (oh-me) and i just get a kick out of that. she also says 'thank you' when you had her something, always in the same intonation. oh, and i was wrong in the previous post, she doesn't say wa'er for water, she says, ah-wer. that falls in with wash, which she pronounces as ash (rhymes with 'gosh') i love baby talk.

hiro is speaking so much lately. cutest thing: he says 'bunt' for button, which is exactly the same thing my sister did when she was learning to talk. EVERY time he says it i think, AAWWWWWWW. i know, i'm nutty for my kids. *sigh*