yoshi left this morning before we had woke up. i guess he had to take the trash (yay) and dashed out the door. his dashing woke sasha, but she came to my futon and snuggled down between tommy and me. he will be gone until late thursday, so i am trying to survive until then.

today we went to costco. i needed more diapers for hiro and sasha (they wear the same size pull-up.) i decided to get a few things that we usually wouldn't get if yoshi was around (mainly beef). i was going to get bagels or some other bakery item, but decided against it. i did get myself some turtles, i love caramel and chocolate! i also got some chocolate chips. i think i'm going to try to make fudge for valentine's day.

the afternoon was rather difficult, with hiro and sasha demanding all kinds of snacks. then tommy decided to get in on the action and cried unless i was holding him. i did manage to make dinner (hamburger helper) and some bread (plain white bread, it's pretty good!), clean and prepare the bath and start folding laundry (it really got backed up because of all the rain we had last week). right now the dishes are washing (hey, i think i'm actually glad i got a dishwasher for my birthday) but the laundry is just going to have to wait until tomorrow.

tonight i'm going to try to sleep with the kids. usually i sleep in the living room with tommy because he likes to sleep on me and there just isn't enough room in the tatami room with everyone. the past few nights, however, he has been sleeping on his own and although sasha isn't coughing in the night any more, she does sometimes wake up and cry for me. maybe if i'm in the room, we can all sleep in until eight. good night.