i am still sleeping in the living room, separately from hiro and sasha, although tommy doesn't sleep on me anymore. it's pretty cold at night, though, so i sleep in the uncomfortable living room floor.

yoshi gets up at around five and makes lots of noise upstairs. then he comes downstairs and starts making noise in the kitchen. ugh. sasha still wakes in the night and cries, and so often gets up early. also, if she hears yoshi come downstairs, she gets up. sometimes she snuggles under the covers with me and goes back to sleep, and sometimes she wants to be held by yoshi and clings to him until he has to go to work.

hiro gets up around seven or so, and if yoshi had concocted some kind of breakfast, he eats with sasha. more often, though, i make them oatmeal. the two of them stomp around the living room saying, 'oa-me! oa-me!' and wanting it instantly; they cannot wait for the water to boil!

i make up oatmeal for myself when i make their oatmeal. tommy usually hangs out in his bouncer. he used to sleep but these days he's awake more and more. he's such a happy and sweet baby, he laughs often. everyone loves him, even if sasha sometimes tries to express her love in scratches. we gotta work on that.

by eight or eight-thirty, i have to decide whether i want to go out or not. usually i try to suppress thoughts of going to mister donut, but i fail. i am getting better, though. i've been really reluctant about going out in the cold because although it hasn't been snowing much, it is really cold (and the wind is cutting) and we just don't have proper jackets. that makes it nearly impossible to go to parks. i no longer have a pass to the aquarium, because i just don't think i could handle it with the three of them. when tommy was first born, i could go to mr donut and he and sasha would be asleep, and i could go in with hiro. then we could sit outside because it was warm enough and we'd be right there with the car. but these days sasha only naps once and usually in the afternoon, so i have to take everyone with if we go somewhere. i have a coffee and a donut, and work on my cross stitch, but once hiro and sasha are done, the are DONE! and we have to get moving. *sigh* it's just not worth it anymore. they don't really get into videos, they don't sit down and watch anything, even the first time around (but hey, if you try to turn off 'lilo and stitch', you better watch out for hiro's wrath!) hiro won't color, they love to slip the top off of the kotatsu and sit on the futon, and it's all about who can be the most dangerous, especially around the kerosene heater and the tv! argh!

hiro and sasha love mikan so they usually have two (or ten) for their mid-morning snack. then it's time for lunch. finally.