yesterday was pretty tough. i had a craving for hard rock cafe, but debated with myself as whether i should go (too far, too expensive, too fattening). however, by mid-morning i was so exhausted by hiro and sasha that i just didn't want to deal with them out in public.

today rained like hell, and we didn't go anywhere. ah well, that's ok. they were better, however, though sasha took an early nap and didn't sleep in the afternoon. i try to give them 'quiet time', usually around 2, so that maybe they will take a nap, and maybe they'll be ready for pre-school or daycare in the future. when they sleep, that's fantastic for me! sasha just wouldn't sleep, but she did go to sleep almost immediately after going to bed this evening.

tommy is being a bit of a pain the the butt, too, now that he knows how to turn over. changing his diaper and putting clothes on him has become a bit of a challenge. he lurves to turn over! thing is, once he's over, he doesn't really like being on his tummy. so, he cries. if i don't get to him right away, then he screams! but, if i turn him over onto his back, he just turns over again!

and, the little monkey puked today. as in, champion puking. i didn't realize how much until i heard it splashing on the floor! a big ole puke, let me tell you. he managed to get it all over my shirt, my skirt, the chair (and cushion), the wall and the floor. luckily, he didn't get it on himself. changing my clothes and wiping the floor wasn't much fun. then i just fed him again and he fell asleep. lucky tommy. *sigh*

well, yoshi will be home late tomorrow, but i think i'll be ok. right now malibu coke is warming me up! lol