i got my valentine's goodies from the swap yesterday! sorry i didn't blog about it yesterday, i ran out of time. i got some body soap, sponges and a pedicure kit. thanks very much, lulu!

so, the project i put up the other night is this:

mid-cross stitch

i think it's called visiting the neighbors. i have been working on this for a long time! more than ten years i think. haha. not every day, obviously, i'm not that bad a stitcher. i just get bored. this is a three piece project. here are the other two:


hanging the quilts

if you look closely, you can see that they aren't finished yet. i haven't done any backstitch (or french knots.) why? because i hate backstitch. so, i save it for last.

here is a sampler that i took a picture of the other day, but actually finished today (i haven't taken a picture of it finished yet.):

russia sampler

i'll take a picture of the finished product soon!

and lastly, because i just don't have enough to do, here is another project i started thursday:

birth announcement

it's going to be a birth announcement for sasha. what?