well, wonder of wonders, hiro and sasha are both asleep. i actually didn't think sasha was going to sleep since she fell asleep on the kitchen floor while i was making mayonnaise (i guess the hand mixer is a soothing lullaby. weird.) tommy is on his gym, giving the jungle animals an intense workout, and i finally have a little time to myself. ugh. the house is a fucking mess. laundry everywhere, toys all over the floor, which really needs to be vacuumed. but am i doing any of that? nope. i just fucking don't feel like it. fuck it. oh, but i do have to think about what to make for dinner. *sigh*

tomorrow is sasha's 18 month check. oh joy. no no, it will probably be ok. hiro doesn't freak out (like sasha does) if i have to go to the other side of the room, and neither does tommy, but he's only 4 months old. he might just sleep in his car seat the whole time. should be interesting.

the weather has improved, it's not cold at all. a very good thing. i am happy it's warming up, i can hardly wait for summer!