(i guess i didn't publish my post yesterday. but i did write it yesterday!)

tommy doesn't need to fall asleep on me any more. he'll sleep for about five or six hours, starting at ten or so, but then he wakes up to nurse. and then sleep. then nurse, sleep, nurse...it gets tiring. *sigh* also, there isn't very much room (i have gained so much weight. in fact, the other day it felt like i was wearing a fat jacket, all this extra weight on my stomach, back and shoulders. gross) that i can't move during the night and i wake up so stiff. so, last night i slept in the tatami room with hiro and sasha (and tommy). tommy still did his sleep and nurse trick from four am, but i definitely had enough room to move last night so i don't hurt so much.

another reason i hurt is the wii fit. lots of stretching! haha, but i hope it will help me tone up. now i just need time for walking!