i usually don't complain (much) about japan, mainly because this is not one of those kind of blogs. but i just had a oh my gawd moment that i just had to share.

i was out hanging the laundry (thank you stomach bug) when i heard my neighbor bid someone good-bye. i heard a kei-truck start up and drive off, turn the corner and head down my street. the driver saw me, waved hello and pointed to the baby he was wearing on his back.

'it's lili,' he told me. oh, lili. (yes, i know my neighbor's seven month old baby, but i really didn't want to talk to an old man wearing a baby while driving.)

he jumped out of the car to show me for sure that he had lili and that she was the baby from around the corner. then he told me they were off to climb a mountain.

'ittarashai!' i bid them a safe journey.

i definitely live in japan....