list of reasons why today sucks:

  1. sasha threw up two times this morning, just after waking up. since she threw up five times before bed last night, that was a bad thing.
  2. since we get up 'late' in this house, i had to get everyone dressed and ready to go so we could get to the pediatrician by 8:30, when they open. no one got breakfast except tommy.
  3. while loading everyone and everything into the car, i tripped up the steps in front of our house and fell hard. my hand was seriously bruised on the corner of the top step. i can barely use my left thumb.
  4. sasha has the stomach flu. poor baby.
  5. hiro has a cold.
  6. sasha had to have an iv, her first.
  7. she cried. a lot.
  8. tommy had a BIG, foul smelling poo. it was all over. very gross.
  9. i didn't have a change of clothes for him (though thankfully i did have a onesie he could change into since the one he had on bore the brunt of the poo explosion.)
  10. tommy also has the tummy bug. sasha most likely caught it from him. when we left, the nurse told me to be careful about washing my hands, but sasha most likely got the bug from one of his diapers. she likes to help out by throwing away the dirty diapers. obviously, we don't wash children's hands enough around here. :(
  11. i didn't have enough money to pay the doctor (off by a measly 20 yen. 20 yen i tell you!)
  12. sasha threw up two more times after we got home. *sigh*
  13. she did take a long nap, but then had a diarrhea attack.