dear blog,

today yoshi had the day off, so all of us went to fukuoka city to get tommy's passport paperwork turned in. they require both parents and child to be there, so it was a bit crazy, with all five of us. we had all our paperwork, though it turns out they've recently changed the passport application, so i had to fill that out again. our appointment was at 11 am, just about the time sasha needs a morning nap, so she was in bad spirits when we left. hiro was hungry and tommy was bored, but soon after we got in the car, sasha and then tommy was asleep. hiro kept whining for lunch, but there was no where to go (unless we wanted to pay for parking) and eventually he fell asleep, too.

yoshi and i decided to go to kashiihama and have lunch there. we had a nice family day together (the first in a really long time) and i even got a new pair of glasses! i broke my old ones while playing a game on wii fit! lol

ok, it's time to get everyone in bed. good night.