dear readers,

yesterday we went to kitakyushu to meet up with kuri and her pinglet. we met at green park, and it was a lot of fun! the wind was pretty cold, though. hiro rode a pony! and flickr now has video! look:

and here are some pictures.

tree hugger


big stroller smile


and get this: i managed to get a sunburn on my chest. oops! i remembered to put sunblock on the babies, and my face, but i forgot my chest! it's pretty painful. don't worry, though, i didn't take a picture. i don't think you wanna see my red and white boobs!

now hiro, sasha and i all have colds. everyone is miserable. thankfully the medicine we got this morning from the doctor has made them pass out. hopefully we'll feel better soon.



p.s. next month's nablopomo theme is voices. uh, not sure i can pull that one off. i'll have to think about it!