i really wanted to use the internet when it wouldn't connect (and i'm not sure why; we have to unplug the airmac once in a while. i actually did that the other day, but it didn't connect. yoshi did it last night and then it worked. crazy.) but when i finally got back to it, i found that i really didn't miss anything. well, except maybe on my yahoo group. i think i subconsciously try to keep myself from getting involved with too much. as it is, my cooking blog is really suffering (sorry cooking blog). i need to spend more time with my children, too. i find that i am not a get-on-the-floor-and-play-with-toddlers type of mom. i'm not very crafty, either. i mean, little kid-type crafts. *sigh* but, less time online, more time with kids.

i really wanted to use this month to find a writing voice for me. instead, i find that i am really tired and don't have the time i need to write. i have this stinking head cold that doesn't seem to want to go away (and sitting out for BBQ last monday night with a wet head didn't help) and i can't smell ANYTHING. *sigh*

i think that's all i'm going to write for today. i need to get back to that jealousy post. hopefully tomorrow.