sometimes someone will ask me how i do it. or comment on how hard it must be (with three small children). well, to be honest, most days i just survive. i consider it a goal met when everyone is dressed and has eaten three meals in one day. i guess they actually get about five or six, if you include snacks. i also survive the day if we make it out the door for more than two hours. even if we just drive around and the littlest ones sleep.

hiro was easy. he slept all the time as an infant, and had two naps a day until he was at least two. i could put him in his car seat and go anywhere, carry him around in that car seat and he wouldn't wake up. he was almost two when sasha was born, and then she was sleeping all the time. i could take them out, although sasha would wake up as soon as her car seat was touched. but she never screamed or cried or had a need to be held constantly.

when sasha was big enough for hiro's strength, they could play together. and at first they played together very well. now they fight a little, but nothing serious, and often get into trouble together! they still play together well. when tommy was born and my mom was here to take care of hiro and sasha, she told me that sasha didn't know how to play by herself! (hiro could not bear to be away from me. *sigh*) she did enjoy herself after a while, but i think she missed her playmate and was very happy when i came home from the clinic.

now tommy is starting to be awake more. and he seems to have a need to be held more. i think it's because he wants to be where the action is--where hiro and sasha are. he wants to see them, but he's not quite able to get to where they are. i also think he's teething at the moment and wants his mommy to make the pain go away. poor baby. i think the hardest times are coming up. i hope i survive them.