yoshi has a nomikai tonight, in tenjin. yay, lucky him. in good news, everyone else is asleep! before eight, even! hiro didn't take a nap today (oh. my. god. that. sucks.) so he actually was the first one asleep. tommy cried while the rest of us showered, but then i fed him and he went to bed willingly enough. sasha...ah poor sasha. we were out and about today (aeon! shiyakusho! baby room at meitomu!) and when we got home...well, i was putting tommy in the house when i hear sasha start to cry. and hiro got very upset (he started to cry, too). he ran to the house and said sasha had a scratch on her face. i'm not sure how it happened, though i suspect hiro was opening (or closing) the car door and hit her. anyway, she split her lip somehow and bled a lot. poor girl keeps losing blood! i don't think hiro has lost as much in his short three and a half years. anyway, she's had a difficult evening, i am soooo glad she's asleep.

anyway, i'm having my own nomikai (drinking party), drinking alone has its merits. i think. i had a glass of wine, then a beer, and now i've gotten the homemade umeshu out (god, i love umeshu). last drink, i promise, tommy's main meals still come from me! good night, all.