once upon a time, there was a happy baby named tommy. he was seven months old, and just learning to get around. he was also a very curious baby, and had to try anything.

one day, he found his car seat! it was soooooo interesting. when he pushed on it, it stood up. he pushed, it stood up. he pushed harder, it stood up taller. he was having so much fun that he pushed it hard--and it turned over on him!! now he was in a very small and dark place. not so interesting...or fun. so, he started to fuss. nothing happened. he tried to move. he couldn't get out! he fussed louder, until his mommy noticed him. but did she get him out? no!! she got a camera and took his picture!!


mommy was laughing so much she couldn't even get a proper picture.

where's tommy?

but mommy only took two photos before letting him out.

happy to be out from under the car seat!!

tommy was very happy to be out from under the car seat, and was ready for more action!!

the end.