tommy has discovered his thumb. he just loves that digit! i know there are those out there who wouldn't agree, but i think it's the CUTEST THING!! i love it when a baby or child sucks his thumb. hiro and sasha went through a brief period of thumb-sucking, but only at night, and only if the pacifier wasn't there first (hiro gave up the pacifier at 6 months, sasha at 12). *sigh* so cute.

hiro has regressed as far as the potty goes. i think that's because i moved it into the toilet (and closed the door) because tommy was getting into it, exploring (ewwww). *sigh* he does ok when we go out, though, i think he's just getting into playing, doesn't see the potty and doesn't remember. i also need to make sure he's in underpants and not a diaper.

sasha is as gorgeous as always. she talks a lot! and competes with hiro a lot. she also excels at making messes. that's my girl!