yoshi came home from work late tonight. not as late as a proper salaryman perhaps, but late. it probably only gets worse from here. the kids and i went for a drive this morning, to the store, but ohmygoodness are gas prices high. i think my trips to costco are going to be cut to once a month or something. and i need to take the kids to the aquarium (ok, maybe not 'need', but we did get year-long passes so it's 'free').

rainy season is here, but it hasn't rained much for the past few days. good on one hand, not so good on another (suzume-batchi *shudder*). today i let hiro and sasha play in the backyard and they got very dirty. that meant an early shower and the rest of the afternoon in diapers (them, not me). tommy got solid food today (yay) and probably could have benefited from a bath, but his older siblings were flying off the couch. and i didn't make dinner, just rice, and we had leftovers, curry for the kids and goya champuru for me.http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif there's some fish in the fridge that i think yoshi can take care of.

even so, i'm pretty tired and i should finish this umeshu and go to bed.