last night hiro was wheezing and breathing rapidly. i had meant to take him to the pediatrician, but he was napping in the afternoon and the clinic closes early on wednesday. hiro's breathing didn't improve, even after he fell asleep, so i got worried and took him to the hospital.

the doctor said it was an asthma attack, i think because of a cold. we were there for about an hour. we got home at nearly 1:30 in the morning. i did a load of laundry (very behind, thanks to the rain) and went to bed. but i didn't fall asleep right away (hiro did, though). i am exhausted today, and i have little patience for the kids.

we went to the children's clinic today (the emergency doctor could only give us one day's worth of medicine, and hiro also might have needed to breath steam. sorry, too tired to try to explain that one.) i really hope hiro doesn't have asthma and this was just a reaction to the terrible cough he's had for the past few days.