i know i already posted about the weather this week, but that was a short post, right? it is so cool and delicious today, very lovely. apparently the rain front has stalled over kyushu. and a cold air mass from the north is making it rain. it rained so much for three days (not two!), and it was pretty rainy for days before that. i am happy in that it probably means less suzumebatchi! yay. but it is keeping me and the kids in the house. *sigh* yoshi has had to be at work a LOT since friday afternoon, some kind of problem. bleh. i am ready for a break! but instead, we stay at home and try not to kill each other! well, i mainly try to keep hiro and sasha from killing each other. and tommy from eating random things off the floor (like, he found a black bean this morning from last night's chili! cripes!)

i think rain is still forecast for the next few days. but at least it's not raining at the moment. i could probably enjoy the sound, though, because everyone is in bed at the moment! woo hoo!