today is the first day of july (happy canada day, medea!) and it was quite a nice day, weather-wise. this morning the kids and i went to kashihama, to get a couple of things (american mayonnaise) and get something at TRU. i decided to go to the italian buffet, too, because it's DELICIOUS and even though the price has gone up, it's still a bargain (less than $15 for the four of us; yes, i even got some plain rice for tommy this time.)

we went there with a new friend a week or two ago. she is a vegetarian (something almost impossible to be here, go figure) and she managed to stuff herself. i think she enjoyed it. the lucky woman is going 'home' today, back to great britain for a few months. for business and pleasure. i hope she enjoys her trip.

the kids love the italian place, because of the noodles. i usually get them spaghetti with tomato sauce, and i enjoy just about everything else, as long as it doesn't have fish in it! haha. i even tried the karaage (something i loathe, but the kids like) and it was so yummy, it seemed to be extra garlicky, yum.

this buffet has main dishes (not itialian: curry and rice, go figure) usually four or five pasta dishes, a couple of risottos, hot veggies (usually corn and something potato), and often a potato gratin (to die for). a couple of soups. then there's bread and pizza (and the pizza has been napolian-ized. is that right? naples style.) i eat too much garlic bread! then a salad bar, yum yum yum. last, but definitely not least, there is a dessert bar. cakes, puddings, jellies, tiramisu and yogurt (usually what i get the kids), as well as soft-serve ice cream, ice cream, popcicles, and shaved ice. for a little extra, there's a drink bar as well. it's usually quite busy there, and it's a big place, so taking the kids there by myself can be tricky. i usually get us a table close to the drink bar, get the kids a drink, dash around getting their spaghetti then serving myself. then, being close to the drink bar, i can see when it's busy or not.

we haven't been to this place in ages, probably not since my mom was here last october. it was nice sharing it with a new friend, and then enjoying it again today. but i probably won't go again for a while. *sigh*