i haven't been following this month's nablopomo theme much, so let's have a list of foods i don't like. not hate, that would be easy, these are foods that i don't like for whatever reason. i could eat them, but usually choose not to. (this drives yoshi crazy, he thinks you should eat whatever is healthy whether you like it or not, where i argue that there are so many food choices these days that there's no reason to eat something that doesn't taste good.)

first off, fish. i do not like fish. sometimes i say i hate fish, but that's only some kinds of fish. in japan, that would be 'blue' fish. and is there 'red' fish? because i don't like that fish, either. white fish, if very fresh, i can eat. i don't enjoy the experience, but i don't gag, either.

karaage--japanese fried chicken. i had some many years ago and it made me sick (food poisoning, and i didn't cook it) so i have never really been able to eat it since then. gross.

green peppers. 'nuff said.

sushi, which you may find strange because i moved to japan and decided to marry a native. but i just don't like that vinegared rice. bleh.

japanese curry rice. especially made from a box (i hate the stuff you get in a fast food place. nasty.) where is the nutritional value in a curry rice? lots of fat and not much fiber if you ask me, esp. if it's white rice. my liking of curry comes and goes as it is, so i don't eat curry often.

ok, i can't think of more so i am going to end here. poor tommy needs to go to bed.