*warning* if you don't want to read about poop, just skip this post!

tonight while i was feeding tommy, he got all red in the face. i think we all know what that means! i just let him to it, because i was planning on bathing him after he was done (best way to do it, really, because he can get food all over the place!) i took off his clothes and diaper, stood him up in the bathroom (clinging to the bath) and took his diaper to the toilet so i could shake out the contents and flush it. when i got back to the bath, tommy had pooped again! there it was on the floor! hahaha, not to worry, i just got some tissue, picked it up and took it to the toilet. i came back and...more poop! more tissue, trip to the toilet and...more poop! good gracious, how much could he possibly have?! and why didn't he let it all go the first time around. there was probably a good fifteen to twenty minutes between going red at dinner and bath time. *sigh* after the third time, though, he seemed to be done, so i scrubbed the floor and then we took a shower.

i wanted yoshi to give hiro and sasha a shower, but for whatever reason he was just not co-operating, so i ended up doing it. (that meant i had to take off my pajamas and get wet all over again, *sigh*) and after taking off sasha's clothes and diaper, i took her diaper to the toilet (because she, too, had something in there that needed to be shaken out) and in the meantime, she pooped on the floor! unfortunately not in the bathroom. *sigh* yoshi owes me!