it wasn't the weeding. they got to our place before we got back from costco (um, why did we go to costco? oh yeah, to get...nope, can't remember!) and decided to weed our garden. yes, we are *that* family with the trashy yard. we are also trying to get our soil up to snuff (mainly it's sand, so whatever grows in it, we let grow. then we cut it down and add it to compost.) yoshi hasn't had time to really get to the yard, and i'm deathly afraid of bugs. maybe not the grasshoppers and crickets (though some of those grasshoppers are GIANTS) but who know what might be hiding out there ready to eat me or my children!!!

it's not the food. though they did manage to bring edible things and not squid legs and fish penis. ugh. however, i managed to talk yoshi into getting a chicken salad croissant sandwich at costco (oh! just remembered: yoshi wanted to get a take and bake pizza. we got spicy chicken.) so that was my lunch.

no, i appreciate that with his parents there, i can leave the house with no kids! woo hoo! and since the three of the drank beer at lunch, i knew none of them would attempt leaving in a car! ha! i put tommy to bed and hit the road. i ended up at a restaurant that had a drink bar, had a chicken nanban salad and sat on my ass for three hours and started a scarf. (this scarf has been kicking my butt. i still manage to pick up an extra stitch from time to time, which is esp. bad when just starting a project. also, this has ribbing and i sometimes forget how to knit knit knit purl purl purl knit knit knit and manage to wrap the wrong way or something.) i really felt a lot better, more fresh for babies, and came home to even more weeding. hm.