so, i went to bed 'early', though i was joined by yoshi for some international relations, as gaijin wife puts it. haha. then around 11 i was worried about tommy being cold, so i got him and put him in bed with me. all was good until i noticed he was pointed head-first toward the other edge of the bed, so i moved him. it was 2 am and he thought it was time for wakey-wakey mommy!!! play play play, knock skulls, pinch he got put back in the crib. *sigh*

thirty minutes later the house was SHAKING with thunder, and predictably, sasha was in my bed in ten seconds flat. that's fine, except i have to face her no matter how uncomfortable i get. i NEED to turn over, sasha. NOOOOO, i need to see mommy!!!! *sigh*

finally got up at 7, and now we are experiencing very strange weather, wind, rain and thunder. the power even went out for half a second. i think today is a mall day!!