man, it's fricken cold! i knew it was going to be cold, because the weather forecast said so. i have the kids' cold weather gear all together, and this morning i actually wrapped sasha and tommy up in warm warm stuff, because i wanted to try to walk (with them in the double stroller). but, it started to 'rain' while we were out, so instead we went to the store. on the way i noticed it wasn't rain, it was snow! what the heck?! it's fukuoka for crying out loud. it rarely snows here, and usually in january or march (why not february? because it's a short month??)

i know, i know, many of you are probably rolling your eyes at me, because hey, sometimes it snows in november. but i don't think it has snowed in november in the eight years i've spent in fukuoka! ha! of course, it's not sticking around or anything, but i am rather in shock over the snow. wow!