well, i haven't uploaded any photos from the nikon, i suppose i should get on that. just lots of pictures of hiro and sasha, though.

saturday we had christmas dinner, and it was delicious (turkey photo coming soon). the turkey was great, stuffing was great, potatoes were a little under-cooked but who cares, gravy was great and i made rolls, using the bread machine to make the dough. of course, i forgot the cranberry sauce but we can have that any time.

hiro and sasha were sooooo hungry just as i was trying to finish everything up, they kept begging for food (apples! bananas! THAT!) so yoshi took them for a walk. supposedly to get some apples at the fruit/veggie mart up the street, but the kids wanted to play at the park and they didn't come home until 90 minutes later! by then, tommy had awakened from his nap and was hungry, so i started giving him food. first potatoes, then we waited. then turkey, and we waited. more potatoes. then i figured i should eat, too, because tommy would be finished and yoshi would want to eat when he and the kids got home, so...we didn't exactly have the christmas meal together. which was the whole point of having it on saturday. *sigh*

yoshi's parents didn't arrive until after eight, and we didn't have the 'second dinner' until after nine. the poor kids will have such a messed up schedule! oh well. tommy started walking, first toward me. he would crawl to a dining room chair, use it to stand up, 'cruise' around the chair and then take the last few steps toward me. then he'd crawl to yoshi, get praised and then start all over again by crawling toward the dining room chair again.

the next day we got him on video, and even though hiro is jumping around in his underwear, and sasha and tommy are under-dressed, here is tommy walking: