sasha woke me up at four this morning, and i finally had to get up at five because she was bothering tommy (who was in bed with us). i put him in the crib (poor guy, but he went back to sleep!) and made her go back to sleep in the futons. then i enjoyed a bit of quiet time until i realized i had to leave soon to catch the bus into tenjin!

i took 2kyuu, and it really wasn't all that bad. probably because i knew i wouldn't pass so i didn't put too much pressure on myself. if i passed (highly unlikely) it will be because of good guessing luck (though, i think i did fairly well with most kanji and only made a couple of mistakes with listening. i'm not even going to think about the grammar section.) i've really only formally studied to the 3kyuu level, and i haven't seriously studied japanese in five years. i *should* be able to pass 2kyuu, but because i don't speak japanese most days and don't have time or energy to study at home, that's probably not going to happen this time. however, when i was out preparing for this test last saturday, i really got into the studying mood and i was reminded of how much i love to study language. maybe 2kyuu will be within my reach soon. maybe if the kids give me more 'quiet time'! lol

i ran here there and everywhere in fukuoka city today. i had to take the new(ish) subway to fukudai, where i had to hike up to the campus, and then haul my ass up five floors (oh man!) and did it twice more after breaks! my thighs are gonna hurt tomorrow! i also met some friends on the other side of town where they were doing something for AFWJ and it was nice to see them. actually, after i finished the test i realized what a fool i was for not buying a return ticket in the morning because the station was a mad house. i also had to pee (any one of you IRL know i have to go to the bathroom all. the. time.) and i was about to beg one of the station masters to let me in to pee when i realized i could get a 500 yen pass for the day. since i knew i'd be taking the subway out towards fukuoka dome, it was perfect for me, and since there was such a mad crowd in front of the ticket sellers, i actually felt like i snuck right in.

and i really used that card, because i went out to nishijin, back to tenjin, then after dinner with a new friend and her husband, we raced to akasaka to take the subway to hakata. all in all i think i saved over three hundred yen (and i only wish i had noticed the special card--it was for the fukuoka international marathon--sooner because then i would have saved nearly 300 yen more) and saving money is always good.

it sure was cold, but fukuoka is a lovely city. i haven't really been able to get down and gritty in the city in more than six years, so i really enjoyed my time. even if i didn't pass the test, i had a great day!