it's the day after christmas, so we have plenty to do! today we met our friends at costco, since they live so far away and only have a chance to come two or three days a year. the kids and i got there early because i was pretty sure the parking lot would be a zoo. then we went to mr. donut because hey, who doesn't like donuts? after that we had to do a potty break/diaper change, and then we went to the petting zoo because sasha wanted to see the bunnies. after *that* we went to the little outdoor play area they have there. i was thinking we'd go on the merry-go-round, but they had some 'new' stuff there, a bouncy house and a ball pool area. i managed to convince the kids to go in the balls, since there were some older kids in the bouncy house. the picture above is the best i've gotten of tommy this year!

we met our friends and did some shopping in costco and then we had lunch somewhere else for a change. it's nice to spend some time with friends, especially those you see infrequently. i love her family, even her husband is such a laid-back kind of guy (around us, anyway) and patiently held--and fed--tommy during lunch.