things i accomplished today:

baked a pumpkin pie
made oatmeal cookies (and actually baked them)
made stock from turkey giblets
made russian tea cakes (and they're just waiting for their second coat of sugar)
picked up hiro from school (phew!)
dried bread cubes for stuffing
made pizza for dinner
two loads of laundry *and* cleaned the kitchen rugs
took more pictures of hiro and sasha

things i didn't accomplish:

didn't cut or bake any gingerbread (which i made yesterday)
didn't find a sugar cookie recipe (for cutting shapes)
didn't fold all the laundry or put any away
absolutely no tidying was done today. oops.

things i goofed up:

dumped flour all over the clean kitchen rug!!

things i avoided:

giving money for yesterday's daycare (can also pay on the first day back in january)
giving money for 'gift' at youchien (what gift? for the teacher, i think. they want 500 yen. too bad i don't carry my purse around when i pick hiro up from school.)

what am i doing now? enjoying a glass of wine. yum.