yoshi goes back to work tomorrow, and i think he's ready to go back! he definitely has a good idea what my day to day life is like, so i hope his understanding lasts for a good while. he's been a real trouper, though, and we've had a really lovely holiday (broken toilets notwithstanding.)

we have a real backlog on the laundry, so i actually went to the laundromat today. the sun was playing peek-a-boo this morning but then the clouds won and since i still have so much dirty stuff left to clean, it was better to just go and get it done. plus, i don't have to worry about bugs or burning fields.

i took my knitting and crocheting with me to figure out where i am and what i need to finish. i am quite behind but i really haven't had time for myself to sit and craft, what with christmas, cleaning and new year's, in addition to everything else i have to do.

2008 was a good year, up to a point, so i have no complaints. i've even lost a few pounds in the last few weeks (and only gained back a pound over the holidays!) so hopefully i've got things on track. i hope 2009 is a good year!