i am american. i was born on a naval base in a foreign country, but i am still american. both my parents are american, and the land on which i was born was (still is) considered american soil (or so my mother told me ;)

my children are american and japanese. for the time being. they don't even know what that means, but that is what they are. i don't know what the future holds for them, whether they will be american, or japanese, or both, but when i read articles like this, i start to seethe. W.T.H. i know that people really get worked up over politics (i am not one of those people), but this is really desperate. and SILLY. you don't want a certain person as the leader of your country. fine. do something about it (like vote, right?). accept that the majority won, and it wasn't what you wanted. go out there and get your voice heard, remind people to vote, run for office yourself, but DON'T embarrass yourself trying to prove something that isn't true. president obama is american, whether you like it or not. move on, find something constructive to do to reach the outcome you want!


this is not the first i've heard of 'birthers', but i am finding it so difficult to believe that people out there are still trying to deny obama is the president just because his mother married a foreigner and had a child with him. oh the horror.