i think sasha is doing well, although she says she doesn't like school, the teachers and everyone there. :S hm. oh well, she doesn't cry and scream there, and she gets on the bus willingly. she's all smiles when she gets home (after the bus leaves. before that she's shy sasha.) last night she told me that she didn't want to go to school without me. i told her that i don't go to school, it's for sasha and hiro. she told me that i could get a big uniform and go to school, too. ah sasha, you kill me! too funny!

today hiro had 'sports club' so sasha was on the bus by herself (well, with other kids) and i hear it was a bit confusing and lonely for her. but she made it, and was happy to put on summer clothes grandma sent. too bad it's about 13C here, far too cold for shorts and short-sleeved shirts! *sigh*

i got my nikon back today! only cost me about $120 to fix. since we just got a new gate, deck and mini-canopy, we don't have a lot of extra money this month. oops. but i am happy to have my camera back and fixed!

we have nothing planned this weekend. just relax times and perhaps some spring cleaning. if spring would hurry up and get here already!