when you have nothing to say? nothing new going on here. i didn't blog much over the weekend because i was coming down with a cold, but suddenly, i wasn't. that's pretty normal for me, i rarely get sick. the kids, however, have colds and are coughing and/or snotting up the place. still going to school, though, no fevers here. they were actually mostly sick over the weekend, with a lingering cough for sasha. poor tommy is the snottiest, but he's not the one going to school!

the weather still sucks (though at least we don't have snow!!) and i am so sick of the cold. seriously, i don't think it reached 20C here today! *sigh* ok, ok, no complaining about the weather.

tomorrow is the kindy ensoku, ugh. guess i'll have to get up early and make lunch. i'm thinking sandwiches. something easy and something the kids will eat. they won't be bringing bags of sweets, though. oops. i forgot about that (until just now). last year all the other kids had treats to share after eating lunch. ah well.

ok, time to hit the hay!